It only took one moment. The cliche “click”, albeit this was a real audible click, and my life was changed forever. The first time I stepped into the makeshift darkroom in the catacombs of my high school, I heard the snap of the light on the enlarger, and I was hooked. From the time spent in the complete dark, meticulously working film onto the spinner, waiting for the film to develop, processing the proof sheet, and seeing my images come to life changed how I viewed art and expression. I could not capture you, who you really are in this moment, by painting you or sculpting you out of clay, but with my camera, I could. I spent most of my earnings from my first jobs on film and the fee to use the darkroom and to buy my first Nikon point and shoot digital camera. It came everywhere with me, I took pictures of everyone and everything. The world of digital photography cracked me open. If film and the darkroom were my gateway, digital photography became my addition. Being able to quickly provide quality images to the people around me became my pride and joy.

And thats where I still am today. This is my passion and I love to share it with my friends and family. And thats what you become when we have a session together, family. I live and shoot in Cleveland but travel to Columbus and Detroit regularly enough that I book in these areas as well. I want to capture your moments – providing tangible memories to you and your loved ones brings me the greatest joy.